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  • Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow
Principal's Message
Welcome to Byhalia Middle School's Website! At BMS, our motto is, "Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow." We work with each student to instill the knowledge and skills necessary for the student to be a productive citizen as he or she enters adulthood. We have a great community of caring parents, a supportive faculty, and determined students. We all work together to ensure that each child experiences success. We are proud to celebrate our school's success from last year, and we are confident that we will continue to improve this year too. I look forward to working together with all of our team in continuing to ensure Byhalia Middle School remains a wonderful school.

Landon Pollard
Announcement: Remind101
If you would like to receive text messages from BMS alerting you to important school news and information sign up for our BMS Remind101 account. We will send you messages whenever progress reports/report cards go home, Friday news comes out, or games, practices, or other school events take place. To sign up for the account, text @h36bf to 8101.

BMS Band and Choir Perform at Holiday Concert

28 days ago

On December 13, 2016, the BMS band and Choir performed in the annual holiday concert. Our sixth grade band began the performance . They were followed by the seventh and eighth grade ensemble band.  The choir finished out the show.  The band was directed by our principal, Landon Pollard.  The choir was directed by our choir teacher, Celestene Luckett. Congratulations to all of our students on an outstanding performance.  Thank you to all of the parents and family members who attended.

BMS Beta Club Visits Trinity Missions

5 days ago

BMS Beta Club visited Trinity Missions.  The club brought holiday gifts and sang carols to the residents. The Beta club visits each year as a part of their commitment to community service.

BMS Leadership Team

2 months ago

Hello! My name is Landon Pollard and I am honored to be serving in my 7th year as principal of Byhalia Middle School.  I've worked in several districts across our state before coming to Marshall County, including Jackson Public Schools, Clinton, and Canton school districts.  
   I am a three time graduate of the University of Mississippi, earning my Bachelor's in English, Master's in Curriculum and Instruction, and Specialist's in Educational Leadership. Go Rebs!
   I currently live in Memphis with my wife, who is a fellow educator, and our young daughter.
    I'm extremely excited about the progress our school and students have made at BMS in the past several years, and I look forward to working with our new students, parents, and teachers to continue that growth.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child's education.

Landon Pollard

Hello! My name is John Danley and I am honored to be serving in my 2nd year as assistant principal of Byhalia Middle School. I've worked in several districts across our state before coming to Marshall County, including Greenville Public Schools and Desoto County School districts.

I am a graduate of Prairie View A & M University, earning my Bachelor's Degree in Health & Human Performance and my Master's in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

I currently live in Olive Branch with my wife, three daughters and son who is currently studying at the University of Oklahoma. I look forward to working with our new students, parents, and teachers to make this a great year.
John Danley
Assistant Principal 

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Towle, and I am excited to be serving in my first year as assistant principal of Byhalia Middle School.  Although it is my first year in administration, it is not my first year with BMS.  Previously, I taught 8th grade English for four years before serving as the school's instructional facilitator for a semester.

I attended college at Harvard University, receiving a B.A. from the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies.  Additionally, I earned a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction and a Specialist in Educational Leadership from the University of Mississippi.

I look forward to another great year at Byhalia Middle School.  I always enjoy working with our wonderful students, parents, and teachers. 

Elizabeth Towle
Assistant Principal 

   Greetings!  My name is Ms. Tina Kimmons.  I’ve been working as a Professional School Counselor for almost 10 years.  I’ve received my undergraduate degree in Social Work.  But, after working with children for 3 years as a Mental Health Therapist, I decided to pursue my Master’s in Counseling in Educational Setting.

    I love working with children and believe that every child can succeed regardless of  his/her background!

    I have a precious little son name Caiden Noel Kimmons.  He keeps me busy!

    I am here at BMS to serve the children, parents, and our wonderful staff.  Please feel free to contact me via telephone (662)838-2591 or email: tkimmons@mcschools.us should you need assistance.   Go Indians!

Tina Kimmons

BMS Girls Basketball Team Wins Galena Tournament

5 days ago

BMS wins grant to start Robotics Team

about 1 month ago

Byhalia Middle School received a grant from FIRST® Tech Challenge Team to start a Robotics Team for the 2016-2017 school year.  The team will be coached by our 7th grade math teacher, Ms. Lonsdale.  We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our students!

BMS Awarded "High Progress Reward School"

2 months ago

"On March 25, 2015, Byhalia Middle School was recognized for two awards at the MS Department of Education's "Champions of Change" Conference.  First, we were recognized as one of 33 schools state wide to receive the status of "High Progress School."  This is awarded "to schools across the state for demonstrating the greatest gains in closing achievement gaps among students.  

      This award status goes to schools that represent the highest 10% of schools that have improved in overall performance over the past two years and all within the top quartiles of schools in performance gains of the lowest 25% subgroup.

     "Additionally, Byhalia Middle School was recognized as one of 20 schools state wide to receive the status of "Title I Distinguished School."  This is "awarded to the top 20 Title I schools who have effectively closed the achievement gap between the black and white student subgroups in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics for two or more consecutive years "As an added surprise bonus, each of the Title I Distinguished Schools received a check for an additional $23,750.05 in Title I funds to be spent at our discretion.  Picture above is myself and Mr. Moore receiving the awards and check from State Superintendent Dr. Wright and Director of Federal Programs Marcus Cheeks.

    Needless to say, this is a HUGE accomplishment for everyone associated with BMS - the students, the teachers, the faculty and staff, and the parents.  THANK YOU to everyone who has dedicated countless hours and hard work to giving our students a fantastic education.I was and am extremely proud to say we have such a phenomenal team.L. Pollard, Principal"

Pictured above is Landon Pollard, Principal of BMS, Jerry Moore, Superintendent of Marshall County Schools and Carey M. Wright, Ed. D.,  State Superintendent of Education

BMS Athletics

2 months ago

2016 - 2017 Byhalia Middle School Basketball Schedule

October 25 Potts Camp Away

October 31 Galena Away

November 07 Holly Springs Away

November 10 Goldwater Away

November 14 H.W. Byers Away

November 17-19 Galena Tournament Away

November 28 Potts Camp Home

December 01 Holy Family Away

December 08 H.W. Byers Home

December 12 Holy Family Home

December 14 Galena Home

January 09 Holly Springs Home

January 12 Ashland Middle Home

January 19 Ashland Middle Away

February   TBA N.MA.C  Tournament  Holly Springs 

All home games begin at 5:00

BMS Alumni Earn Prestigious Scholarships

2 months ago

Deldrick Adams and Gregory Thompson, two alumni of Byhalia Middle School, both earned prestigious scholarships to Tennessee colleges recently.  Both students will graduate this May from the Mississippi School of Math and Science.  Deldrick, the Senior Class president and recipient of the "Spirit of MSMS Award," is the recipient of the Provost Scholarship at the University of Memphis.  Gregory, a National Merit Finalist and inductee into the MSMS Hall of Fame, is the recipient of a full scholarship through QuestBridge to Vanderbilt University.  Both students are MSMS emissaries and have been invited back as guest speakers at Byhalia Middle School Awards Day in recent years.

  • Math Challenge of the Week: 1/17/16
    Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. His birthday is celebrated each year as a national holiday on the third Monday of January. What is the earliest date in January the nation can celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday? What is the latest date in January the nation can celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday?
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 9/26/16
    Leonard wants to become a stuntman for the movies. He finds a great stuntman school online and he applies and gets accepted. The only problem is that the school is in California and Leonard doesn’t have a car or money for a plane ticket. It will cost him $2,000 to buy a car that gets 30 miles per gallon. The trip is 1200 miles and gas in $4.00 gallon. It is $2,500 for the plane ticket. Which one would be cheaper for him?

    Winners: Michelle Trejo, Laquisha Alexander, and Jada Turner
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 1/9/16
    Speedy Delivery charges $20.00 to send a 1-pound package via two-day service and an additional $2.00 for every 4 ounces of package weight over 1 pound. How much will it cost to ship a package that weighs 3.75 pounds via Speedy Delivery’s two-day service?

    Winner: Jada Turner
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 10/3/16
    There are 52 weeks in a year and 40 work hours in a week. How much do you need to earn per hour to make a salary of $60,000 annually?
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 12/12/16
    Ailee, Bailey, Camie and Demi grew up on the same street and have been best friends since elementary school. The girls are all different ages ranging from 14 to 17 years old. Bailey is younger than Camie, but older than Demi. Demi, who is not 15 years old, is a year younger than Ailee. What is Ailee’s age?

    Winner: Madison Spears
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 10/11/16
    Cody wants to join the army for a career and he also wants a family. If he gets paid $25,000 per year, will he be able to afford rent at $650 per month, a car payment of $200 per month, and a grocery bill of $500 per month, and a utility bill of $250 per month?

    Winner: Zacaria Smith
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 12/5/16
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2009 there were 21,854,374 veterans in the United States. Veterans of the Korean War accounted for 12.4% of that total, while 10.7% were veterans of World War II. What is the positive difference between the numbers of veterans of the Korean War and WWII in the United States in 2009? Express your answer to the nearest whole number.

    Winner: Juslyn Chea
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 10/19/16
    Would you rather work seven days at $20 per day or be paid $2 for the first day and have your salary double every day for a week?

    Winner: Rylee Hill, Caleb Lovett and Nairombi Marshall
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 11/28/16
    In 62 days at sea, Ferdinand’s boat traveled 5580 miles. What was the average speed of Ferdinand’s boat, in miles per hour? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest hundredth.
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 11/14/16
    Kyle and Andrew decide to make some money by raking leaves in their neighborhood. The houses in their neighborhood each have half acre lawns. Kyle and Andrew each start by raking the leaves from their own yards. Kyle realizes it takes him 3 hours to rake one yard and Andrew takes 4 hours. Working together on Saturday, they spend 8 hours total raking yards around their neighborhood. How many yards did they rake? Express your answer as a mixed number.

    Winner: Nytavia Gary
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 10/24/16
    Imagine that you bought a Beanie Baby for $6, sold it for $7, bought it back for $8, then sold it for $9. How much profit did you make?

    Winner: Anthony Bruce and Kajavious Thomas
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 11/7/16
    In 62 days at sea, Ferdinand’s boat traveled 5580 miles. What was the average speed of Ferdinand’s boat, in miles per hour? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest hundredth

    Winners: Marcella Flores and Emilie Sheffell
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 10/31/16
    Ms. Boyd leads The National Math Club at the middle school where she teaches. At the first club meeting of the school year, 60% of the students in attendance were boys. If there was one fewer girl than boy in attendance, how many students attended the first club meeting?

    Winner: Deshawn Sharp
  • Math Challenge of the Week: 9/19/16
    Ms. Green has 3 sticks. One stick measures 6 mm. One stick measures 9 mm. One stick measure 11 mm. She needs to measure the length of a 4th stick so that it is exactly 14 mm. How can she arrange her existing sticks to measure exactly 14 mm?

    Winners: Juslyn Chea and Naisha Anthony

Employment Opportunities

28 days ago

Job Openings for 2016-2017 School Year:
Updated December  20, 2016

Social Studies Teacher

Bus Drivers


Contact Information: 662-838-2591 or lpollard@mcschools.us

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